service agents

Marinfloc Waste Water Treatment

We have partnered with Marinfloc, who develop, manufacture and sell high quality equipment for bilge, sludge, grey and black-water treatment. All equipment is tested and certified according to the newest MEPC, SOLAS and IMO regulations. As a part of the total solution we can perform commissioning, training, service / preventative maintenance, installations, turn-key solutions, tank layouts, upgrades, oil content meter verifications.


Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the largest shipbuilders in the world and one of the market leaders in the development of ship-board equipment, including navigation systems, voyage data recorders, bridge navigation watch alarm systems, engine control and automation monitoring equipment and ballast water treatment systems. We are the UK service agent for Samsung Heavy Industries power and control division, working with the advanced PC based SSAS-Pro integrated control and monitoring systems and the Purimar ballast water treatment system developed by Samsung Heavy Industries to accommodate the fast changing legislation regarding the discharge of ballast water.

Authorised Atlas Service Centre

Atlas Marine Systems is the world leader in the design of marine electrical power systems, offering a full range of engineering services necessary to define the onboard electrical distribution system or simply the application of the Atlas power conversion products. We are an Authorised Atlas Service Centre offering field or factory diagnosis and repair, maintenance manuals, assisted troubleshooting, replacement and spare parts typically available within 24 hours.

QMI Oil Mist Detection

The QMI oil mist detection system is designed to aid the carrying out of running repairs to an engine, enabling maintenance to be undertaken before a major failure has developed. Crankcase Monitoring Systems give an immediate warning of any danger signs and their location and engine health monitoring is part of the programme making it possible to locate when and where engine wear is taking place. Confidence in the readings helps crews to plan ahead for scheduled maintenance. Atmospheric detectors give data on the build-up of oil mist in machinery room spaces, pin-pointing the area of danger and warning the user to take immediate action. Speed of response to warning signs and proven reliability are the secrets of QMI's success. QMI's name is recognised internationally by such organisations as Shell, Esso, Chevron, Mobil, Moller, BP, P&O, Princess Cruises, Royal Navy, US Navy, Stena, ACL, Willenius and many more.


Burgess Marine is the UK service agent for SMS (formerly Seohae Marine Systems). SMS has delivered high-tech solutions for cargo access and handling systems since it was founded in 1993. In that time it has supplied hatch cover systems, ro-ro equipment, lashing bridges and hydraulically operated doors to over 500 ships throughout the world. The company's primary products are their pontoon, folding and side rolling hatch covers; bow, stern and side ramp/doors; internal passenger hydraulic doors and lashing bridges.

Head Hunter Marine Sanitation

Burgess Marine have partnered with Headhunter, based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida who offer a complete range of products and services for marine sanitation and plumbing applications. Headhunter was founded in 1982 to provide marine plumbing services to the yachting community of South Florida. Over the past 20 years their product line has expanded to include: Water filtration systems, water pressure systems, tank level Indication, toilets, wastewater collection and transfer systems, sewage treatment plants and systems, electrical controls.